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We inspire with enthusiasm!


Children’s imagination knows no limits.

The mission of our publishing house is to create products that inspire young readers to explore the world and improve their skills. Instead of setting limits – broaden horizons. And the more enthusiasm in everyday inspiration – the happier and more fulfilled young people.


Blue Ocean Entertainment is a publisher with many years of experience in the publication of magazines and collections for children. The parent company, Blue Ocean Entertainment AG, was founded in 2005. Starting her adventure with one title for girls and five employees, over the years it has achieved the status of leader in the children’s magazines segment in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, publishing several dozen titles a year and over 500 editions annually. Blue Ocean is also the official licensor for magazines under the LEGO® brand in the world.

From 2018, along with the extensive international expansion, the publisher decided to set up a company that will take care of the publications being produced in Poland. Blue Ocean Entertainment Polska, as part of its portfolio, offers magazines and collections signed by the LEGO® brand, Playmobil and by its own productions, placing high-quality products on the superior place and completing the company’s mission to inspire and provide children with fun.