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For parents

Every kid is a superhero…

Blue Ocean publications are prepared with great care and commitment that is focused on creating safe content, inspiring to develop and strengthen the child’s self-esteem, and offering wise and engaging entertainment.

The content of the magazines is adjusted to the age and skills of the children, to whom it is directed. If within the title there are games or puzzles with a higher degree of difficulty, such content is marked as requiring the help of parents and guardians. It is worth supporting young readers in the cognitive process and accompanying them when using the publications. Children are happy to share successes and emotions, and by viewing through the magazines, reading together and solving tasks, the relationships with their carers strengthen, kids better acquire new information and, by no means what is not less important, have a great time together.

Additional strict criteria regarding high substantive standards and business ethics for the safety of children are imposed by licensors who have rights to the characters and trademarks.

All magazines published by Blue Ocean contain add-ons: figurines made of blocks, toys, gadgets, stationery accessories or decorations. Blue Ocean Entertainment has implemented a procedure to ensure that these items are covered by special security measures – they are subjected to risk analysis by independent external research institutes before the start of production. As a result, not only are the safety requirements to be observed confirmed, but also the potential risks arising from the product design or the risk of misuse.

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